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Catalyzing high impact international Collaborations to eliminate global health disparities
What is it all about?
The Global Health Catalyst (GHC) summit at Harvard, is a premier yearly event designed to catalyze high impact international collaborations to eliminate global health disparities, with main focus on cancer and related diseases.
The GHC is seed-funded by the Department of Radiation Oncology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies at Harvard University.
Activities:  Catalyzing collaborations, powerful talks, international panels, Networking,  Poster sessions, exhibits, Awards, Workshops, Knowledge sharing.
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Our vision:
We have a dream that one day cancer will be eradicated,  and that people of all socio-economic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds will have access to quality healthcare.

Our Approach:
To realize this dream, we have adopted a transformative approach rooted in the values of creative agency and collaborative work embodied in the African word UBUNTU.  This approach focuses on building collaborations, leveraging ICTs/lower cost technologies, and unprecedented diaspora engagement to catalyze high impact international collaborations to eliminate global health disparities, save lives, advance development. 
Outcomes:  New international and cross-disciplinary collaborations to eliminate cancer, global radiation oncology online courses, co-mentored diaspora-funded research microgrants, telemedicine and virtual medical missions, awards, unprecedented partnerships with sports, religion, industry, diaspora, to address global health disparities, ICT-powered research and education programs, knowledge sharing, publications, including yearly summit proceedings, catalyzing establishment/support for cancer  centers in Africa, networking with global health stakeholders from across the world, etc
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Inspiring talks and panels

Some of our past year speakers/participants 


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